Youth Drama Ministry…unearthing the truth.

Neil Davis – Director


We would like our Youth Drama Ministry to be seen and used as a foundational strategy in our church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building mission oriented Christians.

How we plan to achieve this?

Through Drama and open Bible study groups that engage people in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and worship.

This Drama Ministry is more than an event or a programme; it is a plan of action, a robust strategy that can undergird and strengthen virtually every aspect of our church’s mission.


A Connection Strategy – Are we operating strategically and intentionally to connect people to the church, to each other and to Christ?

A Discovery Strategy – In the context of a strategically open group, such as  our Drama group, everyone can discover the truths of the Bible through the life stories of other people and their experiences with Christ. They can also discover opportunities for further ministry.

An Invitation Strategy – When people feel connected and are having regular discovery experiences, they are intrinsically inclined to invite their friends, relatives, associates and neighbours who are non-believers to attend church.

Our group was formed in December, 2013 by Neil Davis, an avid writer, who was moved to answer the calling of God after listening to a sermon by Pastor Layne.

On Sunday April 12, 2014, our Youth Drama Ministry received the opportunity to host its first Easter Drama Production entitled “Come Just As You Are”. The production was successful. . The Youth Drama Ministry remains focused on reaching souls for God through drama.

Join our Ministry today!

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We will, by our example, model the highest standards of Christian conduct and practice as we fulfill our duties to God, our Church, our Families, and our Community.


51 Richfield Avenue (St. Vital) Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 2R9